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Quickly Ask And Answer! What Does An Egg Cooker Do?

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Quickly Ask And Answer! What Does An Egg Cooker Do?

What Is The Egg Cooker? Structure Of The Egg Cooker:

An egg cooker is a device that prepares eggs, making them easy to cook. It is an electric kitchen appliance that cooks eggs with the help of steam. The egg cooker can be used to make boiled, poached, or soft-boiled eggs. It also comes with many other features like automatic shut-off and timer.

The structure of an egg cooker consists of three parts:

  • The power button: This part is used to turn the on and off the device. It should be noted that the egg cooker will not work if the power button is not pressed.
  • A heating plate: This is the main part of your egg cooker that you will use to cook eggs. It is made up of a base, which is where you put your eggs and add water. The base is also where the heating element is located. The heating element will heat up and cook your eggs.
  • Egg tray: This part is where you place your eggs before putting them in the oven so they can cook properly without getting stuck or breaking apart while being cooked in this device!

The structure of the egg cooker is quite simple, and its working method is also very simple. You just put your eggs on the removable tray, set its working mode, and you're ready to go. A heating element inside the base unit heats water or other liquid until steam is produced. The steam then cooks the egg through direct contact with the hot surface of the base unit.

Egg cookers can be found in many different shapes and sizes, but most people use them to make hard-boiled eggs because they're portable enough to take on trips or store in small spaces at home.

What Does An Egg Cooker Do?

After understanding the structure of the egg cooker, we will clearly see that the better egg cooker is actually very easy to use. You just put the egg in and wait a moment. And what does an egg cooker do? Take Evoloop’s egg cooker as an example, you can use it to do the following:

Can I Cook Hard-boiled eggs and Soft-boiled eggs?

Put your eggs in the Evoloop Egg Cooker and add 1/2 cup of water. Close the lid, press start, and wait for 7 minutes. Your hard-boiled eggs will be ready!

Hard-boiled eggs have a firm white and a solid yolk. The yolk is cooked through, but the center remains slightly soft. The white is fully cooked and has no green ring around it. Now you can get the delicious eggs you like through an egg cooker.

Can I Cook Poached eggs?

Put your desired number of eggs into the Evoloop Egg Cooker with water and let it cook for 7 minutes (for two eggs). To get perfect poached eggs every time, simply use one sliced onion as a weight on top of each egg while they are cooking!

Can I Cook Scrambled eggs?

Add your desired number of eggs into the Evoloop Egg Cooker with a bit of butter or olive oil, close the lid, and press start for 3 minutes – your scrambled eggs will be ready!

Can I Cook Individual omelets?

If you want to make individual omelets, then you can use the egg cooker to do so. All you need is to put a little bit of oil in the pan and pour two or three eggs into it. After that, close the lid tightly and wait for about 10 minutes. When it’s done, cut it up into pieces. You can also add some salt and pepper to taste if you want.

What Will You Get If You Choose Evoloop’s Egg Cooker?

What does an egg cooker do? Actually, this is a question without a complete answer. Because human creativity is always stronger than we imagined. Plus, you can create even more treats for yourself with the tools you have at hand!

For example, if you choose Evoloop's egg cooker, you will get a lot of tools to help you create new delicacies. They are 2 poaching trays, an omelet tray, a 6-eggs tray, measuring cups, and recipe instructions.

These tools can help you with all of the food cooking mentioned above! In addition, if you want to innovate recipes, Evoloop will also provide you with recipe instructions. That means you can also find some new dishes in the cookbook! For example, you can also use Evoloop's egg cooker to cook other dishes besides eggs:

Frittatas (use the omelet tray):

Frittatas are very popular in Italy and other Mediterranean countries. They can be eaten for breakfast or dinner and they're excellent for when it comes to Sunday brunch! You just need to combine eggs with vegetables and cheese to create a delicious frittata that will delight everyone at your table!

Fried rice (use the poach tray):

Firstly boil water and then add rice. Other ingredients include vegetables such as onion or carrot and meat such as chicken breast or pork belly. The last step is to add an egg on top of your fried rice before serving it to your family or guests!

Of course, in addition to these dishes, you can also make food according to the food tutorials of food bloggers on YouTube!


You should already know the answer to "What does an egg cooker do". You can choose to invest in a high-quality egg cooker to add nutrition to your breakfast-after all, breakfast is very important.

Evoloop's egg poacher is BPA-free and only weighs 1 lb! You can take it to many places! If you go camping, you can also use it to cook delicious food for yourself!

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