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Hong Kong Designer

James Hoy

How can we make people’s lives more interesting and richer through technology and design, and how can we guide them in making the right choices? It starts by understanding how design and technology impact people’s lives. I carry out quite fundamental research into the relationship between humans and design. For instance, I look at how design evokes emotions. Aesthetics plays a significant role in this respect.”

UK designer

Paul Mander

Consider Product Design as a journey and not a destination. Trends and fashions continually evolve driven by social, and technological change to reflect the changing needs and desires of the customer, and design evolves to meet these challenges and opportunities. Style, form and choice of materials and colour pallet should work in harmony with a products function and features. We work with our clients to develop stand out designs that create emotional engagement and deliver a competitive advantage. Our talented team continue to build upon our 25 Years of experience and success to deliver innovative and creative design. We believe that good design will enhance the products and engage and excite our customers.

Asia factory manager

Kenneth Chow

We use green and clean production factilties throughtout the whole production processing. Solar electricity is being widely used at our Asia factory. We use more eco-friendly materials to replace the vigirn plastic materials, less plastic packaging for our production. We believe the production efficiency and quality are from every workers' hand, we respect,protect people at the factory, get well well-trianed and well-paid,Every worker is a good handicraftsman, every product from our factory is not only an appliance but also a fine work of art.

Operation manager

Nelly Chao

We have built up by a strong and reliable operation system that can support from the product design, development, manufacturing, to the quality control , logistic, sales and service network we can deliver our goods and service to the customer very quickly, we are easy to be reached any time anywehere.

Unique & Trendy style for our Home


We create the kitchen appliances with the highest standards of quality and safety, all with an extensive range of colors and designs


Our differnt designs fit well in a Luxury lifestyle, traditional or modern lifestyle kitchen as there is a wide range of selections


Through cutting-edge innovation and intelligent design, we continue to innovate, making it easier and simpler to cook, to clean and to entertain, leaving you more time to get out there and enjoy life.

Company: Foshan Shunde Homeart Electric MFG CO.,LTD

Address:  No.7 Shunyuan South Road, Wusha Hi-tech industrial zone, Daliang, shunde district of Foshan city, Guangdong, China.