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What Are The Functions Of A Multi-Function Cooker?

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What Are The Functions Of A Multi-Function Cooker?

What Is The Multi-Function Cooker?

A multi-function cooker is a single appliance that can perform the tasks of several different kitchen appliances. The most common multi-function cookers are pressure cookers, slow cookers, and rice cookers. However, there are also models that can steam food, make yogurt, and even bake cakes.

The idea behind a multi-function cooker is to save space in your kitchen by replacing multiple appliances with one piece of equipment. It's also more convenient for busy cooks who want to prepare two or more dishes at once but don't want to be chained to their stovetop for hours on end. 

How is it different from a regular single-use cooker?

A multi-function cooker is a single appliance that can replace multiple kitchen appliances. It combines the functions of a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, and electric skillet into one device. This allows you to cook many different meals in one single appliance.

The main difference is that multi-function cookers have more than one cooking function within the same unit. For example, your slow cooker will only slow-cook food. A multi-function cooker has different modes for slow cooking, pressure cooking, and sauteing.

What Are The Functions Of A Multi-Function Cooker?

There are many multifunctional cookers on the market, but the multi-function cooker from Evoloop is the most surprising one! It has excellent heat control, including the ability to sear and steam with precision. This makes it a successful replacement for other kitchen equipment!

Here are some functions of the Multi-Function Cooker:

Slow Cook(Low or High):

The slow cook function allows you to cook food at low temperatures for long periods of time. This is very useful if you want to make soups or stews that take hours to cook. The temperature can be set between 80°C - 100°C (176°F - 212°F) depending on what's being cooked.

Sous Vide:

The sous vide function allows you to cook food in plastic bags at low temperatures for long periods of time. This method is popular because it requires no oil and yields tender meat without any risk of overcooking the outside before the inside is done. The temperature can be set between 30°C - 65°C (86°F - 149°F) depending on what's being cooked. It also has a "seal" mode that helps with sealing bags and keeping them closed during cooking (some types of plastic don't seal well).


The stew function allows you to prepare stews and casseroles at home without using any pots or pans. You simply place all of your ingredients into the pot, set it to stew mode, and let it do its magic! In addition to stewing, you can also use this function to bake cakes, cookies, and other desserts. You can even use it as an oven if you would like!


You can brown your meat or vegetables before you put them into your main dish. This will allow them to cook faster, absorb flavors better and keep their shape. You can also brown something that needs to be crispy, like potatoes or onions. It will help them caramelize better when cooking in a sauce or stew.

Steamer and Food Warmer:

 A multi-functional food warmer can be used to heat up food that is already cooked. This can be especially useful if you do not have an oven at home or if you want to reheat your food quickly. You can also use this device when you want to keep your food warm before serving.

Why Choose The Evoloop Multi-Function Cooker?

The above function display is enough for you to understand the powerful function of this machine! Because it is completely suitable for large or small families!

Choose Evoloop's multi-function cooker and you will make your family's three meals very delicious! And you can also try new recipes. Here are the benefits of choosing Evoloop:

Cooks 30% faster than conventional ovens:

With its high-performance heating element on the bottom, you can roast proteins and sauté vegetables directly in the cooking pot. Not only that, but with a combination of bottom heat, side heat, and steam heat, it cooks up to 30% faster than conventional ovens. This allows for an added variety of family meals and busy lifestyles. Especially at a grand festival like Christmas, a cooker like this can make your big meal even richer!

6.8-quart capacity makes 4-6 servings at a time:

The 6.8-quart capacity is enough for 4-6 servings. It is a big capacity, so you can cook more food at one time. And it can help save your time and energy to cook dinner or lunch in the morning.

And its pot body is made of non-stick pan material. You can quickly wipe away debris for a stress-free cleaning experience. Plus, the cutlery and glass lid are dishwasher safe.

When you buy a cooker, many useful tools are in the box:

If you buy Evoloop's multi-function cooker you will also get a lot of useful tools. Such as Cooker Base Unit, rack (Sous Vide rack and Steam rack), 6.8-Quart Cooking Pot with Glass Lid, and Cooking Slotted Spoon. Plus, you get a cooking guide.

Conclusion: A Multi-Function Cooker Is Worthwhile

So, Do you know what are the functions of a multi-function cooker? A multi-function cooker is a kitchen appliance that allows you to cook a variety of meals with just one device. The main benefit of owning one is that it saves space in your kitchen. You also don't need to buy multiple appliances to do different things because you can use your multi-function cooker for all of them.

Multi-cookers are especially useful for people who live alone or have small families. They're great for busy people who don't have time to cook every day but still want fresh home-cooked meals. They are also perfect for those who like variety in their meal choices since they can easily switch between different functions without having to change out pots or pans.

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