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Based on 48 reviews
Cordless Electric kettle!

This kettle is great one for hot water! We using it for tea and hot cocoa! We have well water here, so I don't know how the kettle would handle it. I keep you informed. So far I love it! It's a life saver with the kids and hot cocoa and instant oat meal.

A Must Buy! This Tea Kettle deserves more then 5 Stars

 Everything about this Electric Tea Kettle is Fantastic! I��m not a hot tea drinker. But I will be using this for hot chocolate, my oatmeal or grits. I love the little rice bowls that you can buy. Just heat the water up and use the Tea Kettle instead of the microwave. I rehab orphan baby squirrels and they are still on their special formula��s. I use to heat the water up in the microwave. Not anymore! The video is almost 7 minutes long. But it��s worth to watch it! I just made myself some Strawberry Oatmeal and I added Fresh Strawberries to it.????????????????????


First off this is really nice. Super easy to use once you figure it out and makes some of the best hard boiled eggs ever. Only a 3 star because directions are junk not clear at all and doesn't explain how to properly use the measuring cup. Was able to do some research on other brands and was able to figure it out.

Works great

I used to hear water for tea and coffee in the microwave��not any longer. This thing heats up water very quickly. Great purchase! Electricity saver too.

Won't break any speed records, but works well and looks good

I love a good electric kettle, and this one is solidly functioning with good capacity. It's no faster than most modest kettles, but it does have a one cup fast boil mode that is useful for a cup of tea. All in all I'd say check out the technical specs on kettles and then get one that will match your aesthetic. This one works for me.

I dont know why i havent gotten this sooner

The bad: the instructions doesn help much in telling me the right amount of water for the quantity of the eggs and/or the type of cooking/boiling. The number on the measuring cup from top to bottom shows 1-6. eg If i have 1 egg do i fill up to top (ie 1) or do i fill up to very bottom (ie 6) since it’s only 1 egg and not 6?Other than this this cooker is really great and i dont know why i havent gotten it sooner.Eggs boil perfectly (i usually do hard boiled and have not tried the other cooking mode). It beeps once doen and when you take out the shell, the shell does not stick to the egg it comes off very easily.Gotta warn though that the lid and the eggs get really really hot so use caution

Boiled eggs

It is so easy to get things ready in the morning now that I have this. My kids usually eat muffin and egg sandwiches so we got a double toaster but we still had the struggle of getting the grill heated up in the morning and worrying about whether we forgot it was on or not. Enter: EGG MAKER!! Now we just fire this bad baby up and make a one egg “omelette” which comes out very similar to instant breakfast sandwich texture eggs. We also use this in the afternoon to make medium boiled eggs or poached eggs to put on top of ramen, and i don’t even have to think about whether it’s done or if i forgot anything: it cooks perfectly.

Great for a family of 4

This is a great product. I want to give it 5 stars because it is just awesome. Why not start with a kitchen appliance that can turn your eggs into a gourmet masterpiece? I have tried many of the other egg poachers on the market and this one is by far the best. This product saved my eggs on Thanksgiving.

Awesome product

This is perfect for boiling eggs and not having to pull out a pot stick it on the stove and go through all of that. It's very simple plug-in press a button and you're set to go the instructions were easy to follow and overall it is a Time saver.

So nice

This is small, so it doesn’t take up a ton of space in my cabinets. It works very well too. I did a batch of hard boiled eggs, and they turned out perfect!

Weirdest shade of Black ever

I was really torn on this one. My son loves tea and my wife has been drinking less coffee, so I figured this would be a good compromise. It had two color options - white and black - but the pictures showed a white kettle and the description said black, when it was actually green. I guess I got fooled.

Set it and forget it - Easy and Convenient - Eggs take a while to hard cook

Pretty simple automatic egg cooker. The cooking time is all determined by the amount of water used and is all based on the included measuring cup. Essentially when all the water is gone, the eggs are done. I hard cooked four eggs and it took about 20 minutes. But they were cooked perfectly and the shells came right off.Piercing the egg at the top it's a strange requirement. But it does cause the egg to fill the egg shell.The included omelet tray is a nice touch and will let me cook a couple eggs when I'm in a hurry. Calling it an omelet maker though is a bit of a stretch but I like the convenience of it.

Easy to use hard boiled egg maker

 After unboxing and washing up all the parts, I attempted my first hard boiled egg in this cooker. I poked the hole on the big side of egg using the pin located on the bottom of the measuring cup, put the egg in the holder hole up, filled the pan with the right amount of water, started the cooking process, and walked away. Unfortunately my first egg exploded making a terrible mess. I haven't had a chance to cook up multiple eggs so maybe this was a fluke. The egg cooker quietly steamed the egg and the beeper eventually went off letting you know it's done. Other than my exploded egg. It worked perfectly.The instructions were good with few typos. What is missing is an explanation of the markings on the measuring cup. According to the markings. You use more water for less eggs? Seems counterintuitive. I will have to some more tests.This appliance is well manufactured and easy to use. Hopefully my next egg will be perfectly made...Edit: The second time around and every time thereafter the eggs were perfectly cooked and did not explode on me. Very happy with the results.Helpful hint: I have switched to using distilled water instead of tap water. This prevents the buildup of deposits from the hard water on the heating element in the cooker. One gallon of distilled water lasts 35 to 40 cooking cycles.

Love love

This teakettle is so adorable! Heats up a cup of water in no time - perfect for ramen or a cup of tea. It's the best thing ever!

Perfect eggs

Cooks perfect hard boiled eggs. And as a bonus all the eggs peeled perfectly! Super simple to use. The directions are terrible and the button is labeled with hieroglyphics. But once you know it’s easy. The egg piercer is on the bottom of measuring cup. Took longer than I’d like to admit to find it.

A Very Good Toaster

I'm so glad I chose the cream toaster with its classic look! It can handle Texas toast and bagels with ease, which is a real improvement over my last one. The settings range from 3 to 4 and it toasts bread perfectly. I'm not sure if the rack is removable yet, but so far I'm loving my new toaster!

Great Unit with Basic Functions

This toaster is a great option for those looking for something stylish. While I'm more of a function over form kind of guy, this toaster does have a few features you might not find on other models. It has all the usual features, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing performance for looks.

what a cool little egg cooker!!!

It comes packaged nicely, and has pieces you can use for cooking eggs in or out of the shell! That's awesome, and it fits right in my kitchen cabinet too! This egg cooker can hold up to 6 shelled-eggs in the main container, and lots of room to cook the non-shelled eggs!Love it!

Pinkish tone

This toaster was quite aesthetically pleasing, exhibiting a pink hue. Contrary to my expectations, it was not cream colored. Its size was considerable, requiring a significant amount of counter space. Nonetheless, its quality was noteworthy.

Boil Eggs Without Hassle; Easy to Clean

Found this item to be a great, easy way to boil eggs without the big headache of a stove top. While it's an odd looking machine at first glance, I quickly appreciated how the different elements work together to make boiled eggs without any hassle. The prick to the top of the eggs was the hardest part (and honestly it wasn't hard at all). Simply follow the directions, put the eggs in as indicated and 20 minutes later hard boiled eggs are ready to eat.The cooker allows you to make soft boiled, poached and omelettes. Once finished, I was delighted that cleaning the appliance was faster than making the eggs (super easy and quick.) Leaving me with more time to finish the other parts of the meal.The only minor issue with this item is the cord. It is about 12 inches long. I had to get an extension cord to use this item as it was so short. After figuring that small problem out, I was good to go. Of course, that is minor compared to how much time you save using this appliance!

This toaster is super nice and affordable.

This toaster is a great addition to any kitchen. It has a sleek design with a great selection of colors that would look good with white countertops or wood cabinets. Plus, it's very light and reasonably priced, so I'm totally satisfied with this purchase.

It toasts, and does a good job.

It toasts all sides. In a sense, even if it is a brand-name toaster, it is a fancy toaster. It looks beautiful and is eye-catching because of its ornamentation. It toasts different bread lengths and thicknesses well. Plus, all the bread I've tried got toasted inside.

The toaster's design is beautiful.

This stainless steel toaster is a great addition to any kitchen. It has a old fashioned design that looks elegant and the turquoise green color with light brown handles and control buttons is really pretty. The toaster works great and I've had no problems with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new toaster.

The technological level of bread toasters are advanced.

I had been using a two-slot toaster long prior to browsing for an amazing four-slot toaster because the more gears that it has, the better my house is. I really like how classy and rich this toaster is, but I am unsure when I will see even more color options. Now, I like the trip power of different functions and I've fully found the ideal one for me!